Brooklyn Bin


Single white matt

This bin is intended for FOOD WASTE. 30 ventilation holes, spacers at the bottom and a lid with holes that overall provide optimal air circulation and speed up the rotting process. The lid has a clear screen print about food waste. A microbiological breakdown of organic food waste residues resulting in biofuel and biofertilizer. Paper bags intended for food waste must be used and replaced 2 times/week.

As FOOD WASTE, for example, leftovers from: Cheese, spreads, coffee grounds, coffee filters, tea leaves, tea bags, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, shellfish, bread, biscuits, cookies, sweets, pasta, rice, potato peels, household paper and eggshells are considered.


Powder-coated steel plate. White matt. RAL 9016. Intended cover for this bin is BL 80.
The volume of the bin is 57 liters. 22 liter paper sack (SanSac) for food waste is recommended.
Bottom spacer and drip tray included. 1 sample of paper sack 22 liter included.

H 735, W 330, D 330 mm. Weight 8 kg

White RAL 9016