Area of use


With computers came the vision of the paper-free office – screens and hard drives would replace folders and files, E-Mail would be the death of snail mail.
The result, as everyone knows only too well, has been quite the opposite. Right in the midst of the digital revolution more paper is being used at offices than ever before!
Consequently, solutions for sorting and structuring remain essential. Practical and flexible cabinet systems facilitate and simplify. Each item has its own place.


No matter what we want to store, whether reports, invoices, receipts, contracts or any other paper-based paraphernalia, ingenious storage is intrinsic to the functional office where business is to proceed effectively.
Order and rationality furthermore create a harmonious and inviting work environment.


Not everything needs to be sorted or stored in pigeon holes. Certainly there will be items you are proud of, documents that need to be displayed or material that makes a statement about who you are.
Books, periodicals, works of art, certificates and diplomas are just a fraction of the sort of things that need to be displayed. Our solutions frame and exhibit – and yet simultaneously are on the verge of being works of art in their own right!


Sorting and recycling is becoming increasingly important. This is why Prima Office is now investing in stylish, flexible and ingenious solutions for these purposes.


Fast, light, mobile. New seating for new sitting. With clever storage!