About us

For more than 30 years, Prima Office has specialised in developing and manufacturing functional office furniture for sorting, storage and display.

In recent years, we have also developed our own waste sorting products for companies and the public environment.

Today we offer a wide and varied range of products. In stylish design, with a distinctively strong structure and composition.

The products are both smart and stylish. The designs and solutions are our own, but we are also responsive to the views of interior designers, architects, retailers and our customers.

We place consistently high demands on selected subcontractors and manufacturers in accordance with standardised certification regarding quality, the environment, origin, working conditions, and maintenance of a set code of conduct.

Our products are manufactured in Sweden with high quality components from Germany.

We provide a 5-10-year manufacturing and product warranty.

Normally, all products are stocked and delivery can begin within one week. If goods are temporary out of stock, delivery time will be approximately 4 weeks.

Quality and environmentally certified production ISO 9001 and 14001.


Postaladdress: Industrigatan 4A, SE-11246 Stockholm

Visiting address: Industrigatan 4C

Telephone: +46 0 545 87 650

E-mail: info@primaoffice.se

Website: www.primaoffice.se